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Image Consulting

Image consulting, workshops, wardrobe organization and personal shopping are some of the services that will allow you to transform your image and turn it into the true reflection of your personal style.





My name is Florencia Moreno. I am a Lawyer and an Image Consultant. I have always been passionate about aesthetics, harmony and styling. In Buenos Aires, the City where I was born, I attended a variety of seminars related to the Image Consulting and communication offered by the UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Later I completed my Image Consultant, Certification issued by IAI – (Image Academia International),  at its headquarters in the City of  Miami, Fl. ​

My goal is to help you and be your guide in the process of discovering of best version of you, knowing your style  of life, your aspirations and desires.
As we know, the image we provide is the projection of ourselves and there is no doubt that this is our first impression to others.

Nowadays   the visual impact has become a powerful and effective language, the key is how to master it in the appropriate way to transmit our real essence, and our personal and unique lifestyle.

This fascinating and entertaining challenge is the one that I suggest we do together.

Are you ready redefine your style?

Let’s get started!



image consulting

Are you looking for a change in your image? Would you like to find your true style? Do you want to discover which are the colors that benefit you? Or would you like to know what kinds of garments and designs enhance your silhouette? Through my image consulting, you can get all the answers. We will analyze your personal palette of colors, the shape of your face, your silhouette. It is also important to know and to discover together your true essence, that will be reflected, in harmony, with your external image. Feel free to email me, and you'll receive all the necessary information about this service, tailored made to your needs.

For your convenience, we do offer our services online, from the comfort of your home; worldwide. We'll tell you step by step what to do, you will love it!


Our workshops of COLORIMETRY and STYLE & IMAGE are designed to have a first approach to the concepts related to the color, the fashion styles and current trends. You will be able to identify your style and learn resources to add into your outfits, makeup and accessories.

closet makeover

I will help you find what are the essential items that you must have in the wardrobe and make smart combinations using your outfits basing on your personal needs. The key is to have a good wardrobe, organized, and only with the outfits that enhances your beauty, never ignoring any accessory or cloth.  I will also supply you with tips and beauty recommendations.

shopping with friends

At the time of going shopping, we need to look for clothing that is the best match for you and need to be in your wardrobe. This clothing items will help us to mix and match the outfits per our lifestyle.

You will learn how to shop wisely, within a budget and needs.

And, if you happen to be on vacation in South Florida, alone, or with your friends, I invite you to visit together the best retail stores basing on your needs and budget so I can help you achieve your goals in everything.

special events

Do you have an event, an important celebration, a job interview and you do not know what to wear?

Do not hesitate. We will look for the necessary alternatives that make you feel comfortable, and reflect your look with authenticity and personal style.



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